Home Water Softeners

Home Water Softeners

When water is referred to as ‘hard’ this simply means, that it contains more minerals than ordinary water. These are especially the minerals calcium and magnesium. The degree of hardness of the water increases, when more calcium and magnesium dissolves.

Magnesium and calcium are positively charged ions. Because of their presence, other positively charged ions will dissolve less easily in hard water than in water that does not contain calcium and magnesium.
This is the cause of the fact that soap doesn’t really dissolve in hard water.

Hard water is known to clog pipes and to complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water.

Water Softeners, How They Work

Water softening is a technique that serves the removal of the ions that cause the water to be hard, in most cases calcium and magnesium ions. Iron ions may also be removed during softening.

The best way to soften water is to use a water softener unit and connect it directly to the water supply.

The Hague MAXIMIZER® Series 96 whole house water softener is a completely engineered system. Unlike other water softeners that are assembled with components from various manufacturers, the MAXIMIZER® Series 96 is exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured by Hague Quality Water, International. The Series 96 unit is designed and manufactured in the USA to provide years of exceptional performance and efficiency.

The Series 96 contemporary design houses many unique features designed for minimum maintenance and foremost ease-of-use. The built-in Ultra-Fil filter is self-cleaning; the flow indicator monitors water usage and unexpected household plumbing leaks; and the Ultra-Soft resin is high-capacity. The simple, four-button computer control panel makes operation of this residential water softener easier than ever.

The Hague MAXIMIZER® 96 is big on maximizing your water. Designed to provide the whole house with sparkling, soft water, the Maximizer Series 96 water softener continually outperforms many conventional water softeners. It is the best water softener answer for today’s families concerned with quality and savings in all areas of life – from their water softener to their environment.

Maximizes Efficiency

Maximum Water Usage
• The Series 96 uses as little as 15 gallons of water per cycle

Minimum Salt Usage
• Salt efficiency – more than 5,400 grains of hardnessremoved per pound of salt used
• Water Quality Association efficiency validated

Minimum Time
• The Series 96 requires as few as 12 minutes for regeneration

Maximum Performance
• Chlorine reduction diminishes offensive taste and odor (optional).
• Resin bed bacteriostatically protected.
• The Series 96 out-performs many conventional water softeners.

Contact us to find out why Hague has the best water softening and purification for your whole house!

Control Valve

Blending Valve • Installer-adjusted to precisely match your softness presence Built-In Bypass Valve • Convenient, single-handed operation

Test Port • Easy access for water testing 3/4″ or 1″ Pipe Size • Adaptable for either size

Hydro-Slide Piston • Teflon™ encapsulated for years of trouble-free operation 15 Year Warranty • All parts 100% for 3 years • All parts after 3 years – pro-rated through the 10th year • Cabinet, resin tank and valve body 100% for 15 years Computer Control Automatically adjusts to your water usage. No guessing, no water waste or salt! The solid-state control panel and microprocessor make operations simple.

Digital Readout The capacity remaining until the next regeneration displays in either gallons or liters (your choice)

Turboflo Indicator This light flashes when water is in-use. This convenient feature is your signal of any constant water usage that may be due to a household plumbing leak, saving you water and money.

Adjustable Cycles All cycles, reserve capacity and number of people are easily programmed and changed. Instant

Regeneration Option With the touch of a button, you can initiate an immediate regeneration without disturbing your programmed schedule.

Power-Outage Protection Holds program indefinitely. Safe, 12-volt power supply.

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