Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis is a process that separates impurities from water by forcing it through filters under great pressure into a spirally wound tube called a reverse osmosis element. The membrane allows water to pass through the filter while rejecting suspended and dissolved impurities and most color and odor-causing compounds.

The osmotic process is nature’s way that plants draw water from the soil. Ordinarily, water in more dilute solutions (in the soil) moves through microscopic pores in a membrane (root cells) to more concentrated solutions (plant sap). Under water line pressure the process revereses, so that water is forced through the system membrane while dissolved solids are repelled and washed away.

Puritan Water sells and installs the Best Reverse Osmosis System available! The completely non-electric Hague WATERMAX H3500 is 300% more efficient that other R.O. systems.
The Hague Hague 3500™ Reverse Osmosis System is designed for maximum water cleaning efficiency with no operating costs except periodic replacement of disposable filters. The H3500™ drinking water system incorporates the latest in permeate pump technology for increased flow rates and higher working pressure. The H3500™ reverse osmosis system also features a thin film composite (TFC) membrane, plus 10-inch filters for sediment and granular activated carbon to treat chlorine, tastes, odors and organics. In addition, the H3500™ employs a special (TCR) filter for maximum protection againsts organics and chlorine. The Hague H3500™ is the best in Reverse Osmosis water filters. No more bottled water – now it’s fresh from the tap! The simple, cost effective way to bring quality water back to you home is with a Hague whole house reverse osmosis system. This advanced process turns ordinary tap water into a continuous supply of quality water for drinking or making tea, coffee or reconstituted juices. A Hague reverse osmosis system fits compactly under the kitchen sink and connects to an attractive long-reach faucet that provides clear, good tasting water at the sink. Enjoy refreshing water and ice, and improved taste in beverages and foods prepared with Hague water. Hague quality is backed by a comprehensive 25-year limited warranty. Ask us for a copy of the Ultra 25 Warranty!


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